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About //

An Inner Affair is a network and an interdisciplinary stage in the field of club culture, fine arts, photography, visual design etc..

We felt that there is a lot of creative potential around us and AIA should be a place to use this potential, to connect and interact. A place for new ideas, concepts and room for vivid versatility.

Music //

We'd like to support young musicians, producers, dj’s and provide them a network or stage. Send us demos, mixes etc.. We are curious about your contributions!

Radio //

Podcast //

From time to time on air @



Every second Monday we deliver freshly squeezed mixes from residents, friends and friends of friends. Head over to soundcloud for more...

AIA On-Tape //

A mixtape series recorded on 



Artists //

Constantly growing.

Constantly changing.

Vague Island
/ hours
Pipo Renault

Collaborations //

With AIA we think a little bit further:

A missing link between different divisions. Interdisciplinary thinking. A place where we combine subculture with arts in a broader context.

We are constantly looking for new faces, nonconformists, individualists, more specifically people, who share their passion with us in different creative fields.

PS: In the near future there will be a category where we look behind those faces.

If you are interested, feel free to send us a message!

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Contact //

Get in touch with us! 


mail: aninneraffair@gmail.com

 or subscribe:


Archive //

Past projects (click for more):